Terms and Conditions

1. The Hirer
a) The Hirer is the person placing the booking and main contact responsible for the booking. The Hirer will be responsible for all persons using the vehicle(s) during the hire period.

2. Booking arrangements and payments
a) A non refundable booking fee of £100 per vehicle is required at the time of making a booking.

b) The balance must be paid in full on or before 30 days prior to the day of the event and is non refundable.

c) Bookings made with less than 30 days until the event will require full payment at the time of booking and is non refundable.`

3. The quoted price
a) The quoted price is the amount confirmed by Poshpampacampa to the customer once all requirements have been established. The price we quote is for the duration stated in our formal proposal from the point of first pick-up. Therefore, no VAT or nasty surprises will be added at a later date.

Should however, your requirements on the day extend beyond the duration allowed in our formal quotation from the time of first pick-up, Poshpampacampa reserve the right the charge an additional £100, or part therof, for each subsequent hour.

4. Methods of payment
a) Poshpampacampa accepts payment by cheque, cash or bank transfer. We do not currently have facilities to accept card payments.

5. Vehicle breakdown
a) Whilst every effort is made to maintain the serviceability of the vehicles, due to their age we cannot naturally accept liability for mechanical, electrical or material breakdown howsoever caused. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, every effort will be made to ensure the immediate repair to the vehicle, or occupants will be transferred to another vehicle(s) so the journey may continue. Any extra transport related cost incurred will be met by Poshpampacampa or a refund given.

b) In the event of a breakdown or accident to the vehicle, booked prior to the date of the booking, Poshpampacampa will immediately notify The Hirer and every effort will be made to supply an alternative vehicle at the discretion of Poshpampacampa If in the event, this is not acceptable to The Hirer a full refund of monies paid will be made.

c) In the event of breakdown or accident on the day, no responsibility can be accepted by Poshpampacampa for the consequences of missed connections and/or functions howsoever caused.

6. Liability
a) Poshpampacampa cannot accept liability for adverse weather conditions, or acts by other persons or organisations which may impact adversely on the hire period.

7. Refusal and termination
a) Poshpampacampa reserve the right to refuse a booking. Poshpampacampa also maintains the right not to permit entry to the vehicle person(s) it deems unfit, for whatsoever reason.

b) Similarly Poshpampacampa can refuse to continue the journey if any person(s) behaviour is deemed to be in a manner which may be detrimental to other occupants of the vehicle and/or the vehicle and its contents. No refund of monies paid will be given for such an eventuality.

8. Damage to vehicle(s)
a) It is important to note that The Hirer is responsible for any damage caused inside and outside the vehicles by either themselves or any other member of their party.

b) Furthermore The Hirer agrees to be liable for the total retail cost of the repair by an agent appointed by Poshpampacampa.

c) Poshpampacampa will charge a £100.00 cleaning charge if the vehicle(s) are misused through food, drink or illness.

9. Loss of Belongings
a) Poshpampacampa cannot accept any liability for any belongings lost by The Hirer or any of their party whilst using its services.

10. Pets
a) We regret that no pets or animals can be transported in any of our vehicles at any time.

11. Photographs
a) Poshpampacampa may take photographs at your event for possible use on our web site and for other promotional material. However, if you do not want your photos to be used for this purpose, please advise us at the time of booking.

12. No Smoking Policy
Poshpampacampa operates a strict no smoking policy in all of our vehicles.

13. Undertakings of The Hirer
a) Bookings are accepted only on the understanding that The Hirer fully understands and accepts the above terms and conditions.

Furthermore, The Hirer agrees that payment of the booking fee signifies such acceptance.